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About Spring Hill Trees

Spring Hill Trees is a major provider of tree services,Founded by Anajoelang Brown. We have 15 years experience specialising in trees and overall, 25 years experience with plants and trees combined. Spring Hill Trees can offer the best advice and affordable, professional, high quality comprehensive tree work.

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1411 San Luis Dr San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

+1 951 458 5457

Why Choose Us

Certified Arborist

Get professional guidance from licensed and insured SF Bay Area arborist Christopher Altman.


Shaping, reduction, restoration, vistas, and thinning. Tree removal. Stump Removal.

Our Approch

We find that balance between the client’s needs and the tree’s needs and give you the best.

What They Say About Us

They are a top-notch arborist. the tree had grown to over 30 feet high I needed a professional arborist to fix disentangle of the foliage from overhead wires. The trees now looks great.

Jack Will

The tree grows like crazy! The birds love it. We have had a great time watching them feast on the berries. This tree has beautiful blossoms in the spring.

Rose son

Spring Hill Trees

Trees Planted By Us produce the best Fruits

By use of organic seeds we produce the plants and Trees that have great ripe Fruits and also have more Fruits than a regulat Plant. Visit us today and pick some up.

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Carefully Managed by Profesionals

Farmers that hve been planting for years work for us and take care of the trees, they find the balance of what the tree requires and than manage accordingly.

We Use Special Seeds To Plant the Trees

At Spring Hill Trees we use Special seeds that are organically more advanced and the trees grows much strogner and faster.

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